The original ‘Street Food’ experience, Operation: Falafel is a Dubai-born fresh casual chain of restaurants that operate on the concept of ‘Revival & Survival’ of Arabic cuisine.

Balancing old-street flavors with Twenty-First Century trends, it is a combination of fresh experiences that promises its customers a surprising integration of the past with the present.

In a contemporary space, Operation: Falafel creates a mood common to the old street marketplace. Organizing its service model into individual food stations that mimic food carts on the street.

Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes make Operation: Falafel a trailblazer among Dubai’s Fresh Casual category. Pioneering authentic Arabic cuisine with a history and a story – offering high-consumer appeal and massive marketability for local and global franchise opportunities.

We could try to explain the Operation: Falafel experience in so many words, but ‘Indoor Street Market in a Contemporary Look’ feels just about right.

For those who ask why?

The physical structure of our restaurants is a storehouse where traditional flavors and street experiences are stored over time – for years to come.

Message from the CEO

Operation: Falafel is not just a restaurant.

It is not just a commercial establishment.

It’s a profound belief and a mission.

It’s a place where real food meets real people – no pretentious ingredients, no complex cooking methods – only simple, authentic Arabic food served with a side of street credibility.

When you eat at Operation: Falafel, you experience and immerse yourself in the concept. When you return to Operation: Falafel, you become a part of it. And that’s when the mission is accomplished. Street food is for you. Street food is for everyone.

For this reason, we are not only a brand. We are a community, growing worldwide, committed to authenticity, daring to go back in time, when ingredients were fresh and raw, and bringing this concept of the past into the present.