The Original Story


On an old stone-paved street, where the sun warmed the gravel, carts lined up to serve traditional Arabic food. In the middle of screaming hawkers and aromas that remind us of our grandmother’s recipes, a street-seller served pitas packed with crunchy hot falafels, generously drizzled with tahini sauce and a punchy salad – artfully layered and stuffed.

For generations, this authentic food brought people together – to flavors everyone remembered. Before hummus turned pink. Before falafels lost their crunchy soul. Even before, shawermas were served with BBQ sauce or Mango chutney.

Watching a cuisine they loved, fall into a deconstructive dilemma – two food enthusiasts and saviors of Arabic food set out on an operation to prove age-old cuisine can still win in the Twenty-First century. Bringing back flavors that are proof of the cuisine’s authenticity and originality – with the respect time has for traditional flavors and methods.

Operating as a time machine, these men on a mission opened the doors of Operation:Falafel. Re-engineering classic recipes and reviving memories with locally-sourced fresh ingredients and traditional Arabic flavors, they made Operation:Falafel – operational.

Perfecting one recipe at a time, Operation:Falafel works on a specialized model that helps serve food that isn’t just cooked and plated, but handcrafted and presented by chefs who are masters of traditional Arabic street food – inside a contemporary space.

Making street food happen now – and not just in the past.